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If you're looking for a modern, designer finish for your building, contact Penn State Construction to learn more about ACM panels. We've been the only construction company in the area to provide these sleek panels that have been used on car dealerships, hotels, schools, hospitals, theaters, and many other commercial, industrial, and municipal structures.

 •  Solid architectural standard stock colors

 •  Mica architectural standard stock colors

 •  Metallic architectural standard stock colors

 •  Natural metals architectural premium

     stock colors

Call 717-953-9200 for a FREE estimate on your ACM panel installation.

When you purchase ACM panels from us, you'll get the best panels in the industry. Made from Alpolic® Materials, our ACM panels are made from a high-quality metal composite that is manufactured right here in the USA.

From sales and manufacturing to installation, we're ready to give your building a finished look with new ACM panels.  Our team will guide you through the process of choosing the correct panels, colors, and finishes for your building.

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