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Penn State Construction works with Winkler Structures to create the perfect storage space for you and your business. Our team of builders will install everything from the foundation to the trusses, and each structure is fully customizable to meet your needs.

  • Truss Arch Barns

  • Truss Arch Free Standing

  • Truss Gable Free Standing

  • Truss Round Pen - dome style

  • Truss Round Pen - gable style

The sizes of our single tube barns and double truss buildings start at 20 feet.      


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Customize your Winkler Fabric Structure with end walls, doors,and vent kits.

A variety of trussed buildings

Fabric Structures for farms

Rain, snow, and even the sun can damage your belongings. Keep them safe in our fabric tension structures.  Contact us today to speak with our team of builders about what type and size of fabric tension structure would best meet your needs.

Fabric structures protect your favorite items from the elements

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